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Video Engineering (monthly) was first published in 1977, which is sponsored by the No.3 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Company.  

Video Engineering (monthly) is the national level excellent domestic technical journal that covers generally the collection, transmission, reception, standardization and application in the field of broadcasting and TV and multimedia communication. It bears high reputation in domestic and overseas for its authority, practicability and prefiguration. In the year 2016, it is back to use the monthly form, in order to make the content better and wider.


Taking technical innovation as the main line, Video Engineering (monthly) mainly has 9 columns to exhibition industry academic achievement:

DIGITAL VIDEO: Taking the frontier theory research in digital video field as the main line, focusing on video codec standard, key technology and innovation of video coding and decoding, and video/image processing and content protection key research results etc.

ACQUISITION & PROGRAMMING: Taking the program collection and making technological innovation in TV station as the main line, focusing on technique and application achievement in media resource management, whole station network, broadcast platform etc.

NETWORK & CONVERGENCE: Taking the technological innovation in multimedia communication network construction as the main line, focusing on technological innovation in network convergence, basic network innovation, next generation broadband network, network operation and maintenance etc.

BROADCAST & TRANSMISSION: Taking the technological innovation of broadcasting and transmission in the field of multimedia communication as the main line, focusing on standard development, terrestrial digital TV, satellite digital TV etc.

RECEPTION & DISPLAY: Taking the technological innovation of multimedia reception and display as the main line, focusing on the new display technique, new terminal design etc.

PARTS & DESIGN: Taking the technological and application innovation of multimedia processing chip as the main line, focusing on new chip technique, typical chip applications in field of multimedia communication etc.

SUPERVISION & TESTING: Focusing on the supervision, managing and testing in the fields of TV broadcasting and multimedia communication.

SMART HOME & CITY: Taking the technological and application innovation of multimedia communication in fields of smart home and city, focusing on core technique and typical application etc.

VIDEO APPLICATION & PROJECT: Taking video and audio system engineering integration design as the main line, focusing on core technique innovation and typical application etc.

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